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We are moving to...[more ...]
Posted by Foam-Sword-Hero
05 Feb : 16:10

10min Video: How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial
10min Video: How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial[more ...]
Posted by TheOldOne
04 Feb : 19:40

Re: Suffering really strange burnout
Exploring new forum location options
Posted by Foam-Sword-Hero
29 Jan : 19:32

Re: Suffering really strange burnout
Facebook is intended to be a news feed.This forum [more ...]
Posted by Josh
29 Jan : 18:59

Re: Suffering really strange burnout
Warden wrote ...Maybe the better question is: what[more ...]
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29 Jan : 18:47

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05 Feb : 16:11
Hey, don't post anything here anymore, we've moved to...

see you all there

04 Feb : 19:48
FaerieCon West, (Seattle WA) - 22 - 24, 2013

04 Feb : 19:39
How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial

The Black Fox
04 Feb : 02:04
New forum! Please join here!

01 Feb : 23:27

I will not be abel to make it at all. Apparently my Grandma is turning 89 on Sunday so my "you guys" time is now family time.

The Black Fox
01 Feb : 23:02
I know Max got started on this too but I think I found an excellent free board for us. It's very familiar, nice looking and easy to navigate. Please join here!

The Black Fox
01 Feb : 22:21
Dang yo! I got that from a McDonalds on Aurora. Yeah, I mean just listen to the description. My happy meal was sad. Also Super Bowl this sunday. Hope we have good turnout!

01 Feb : 18:08
Ok, so here's my deal. I will be there on Sunday, but as my sickness ruined me for a few days (eating is still iffy) I have a lot of homework to catch up on. I will be there in the morning but there's a pretty good chance I will have to leave once game starts.

And to answer Jeremy's question: it was 2 day old left overs from the greek place on 23rd and least that's what I think. There was nothing left inside me.

Oh, and once your tank is empty you evacuate congealed stomach acid that looks like the black goo from Prometheus.

The Black Fox
31 Jan : 00:35
Where'd you eat? I gotta skip that joint.

30 Jan : 12:05
Oh man, so I woke up at about 4am Monday with a case of King Gareth's Revenge (no, it was just food poisoning) but I was destroyed the way I have NEVER been destroyed before. Oh man, so bad

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